Love the Colors

Some people come into  the house and just  roll their eyes, but I don’t care,” says Jutta. I love the colors. They make me happy, and that’s how I want to live.” a shop of her own Jutta’s store, Verde Rosa, is in a barn a few steps away from her house. INSPIRATION Growing up in Germany, Jutta was surrounded with images of fifties  starlets, including Brigitte Bardot.

“She was very famous in Europe,” says Jutta of the French icon, whose style  influences can be  limpsed throughout  the shop. The era’s fitted tops and full skirts inspired pieces Jutta designed for  her Verde Rosa line. Merchandise Besides clothing she finds or repurposes, Jutta sells scarves, pillows, sweaters, and throws she makes from cashmere and angora. “This way customers will have something beautiful and timeless,” says Jutta, who also  carries jewelry and glass by local artisans.